Animation/Character Licensing


Company Introduction

Sopp Studio was established with a primary focus on intellectual property (IP) businesses.
We began by developing original projects, leveraging our character design and toy production expertise.
Currently, our portfolio has expanded to include three significant works.


Galactic Pantz

PANTZ, an interstellar robotic entity, crash-lands on Earth following a mishap.
His twin and rival, KASTOR, relentlessly pursues him, intending to eliminate him.
Both become targets of a man with world-domination ambitions, who intends to use their unique alien powers.
This saga captures the journey of Pantz and his human comrades, who are dedicated to restoring Pantz's supernatural abilities and
facilitating his return home. They navigate a labyrinth of earthly trials in this quest. Will Pantz successfully break free from Earth's grasp?
Galactic Pantz

Golden Panda

In the futuristic world of 2056, in the high-tech metropolis City 78, Dr. Do and his wife, two genius robotic engineers, are at the helm of developing new robots. One day, City 78 comes under assault by a menacing robot gang, the Black Dog. The heroic Dr. Do and his wife mysteriously disappear just when the city needs them the most. Thrust into action, their only son, Eugene, alongside his friends Dorothy and Sammy, fortuitously find themselves piloting advanced AI robots created by Eugene's parents: Golden Panda, Polar Red, and Sky Bear.
They valiantly face off against the Black Dog to protect their city. As they navigate their daring mission to safeguard City 78 and search for Eugene's missing parents, the city's hidden secrets gradually come to light...
Golden Panda

Safety First Golden Panda

Brand Advertisement / Merchandise / Licensing

The Original character IP and story for the advertisement of a brand, MD goods, licensing, and various businesses.
It includes commercial and public service AD based on the short episode of the adventure of Danmi and Golden Panda with a safety theme.
Safety First Golden Panda


B1, 132, Jandari-ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Producer / Director

L. Sopp