Company Introduction

LingAling is a leading company that successfully
produces dramas and entertainment shows full of passion and creativity. We're not always afraid of new challenges,
and we're expanding the boundaries of the industry through sensuous ideas and attempts.
LingAling's works captivate viewers with our best storytelling and touching acting skills, and provide them with unique fun and enjoyment to watch.
Representative works are Gaus Electronics, Love after divorce, Just comedy, etc., and they are diverse across dramas and entertainment shows.
We strive to be loved and communicated by more people, and we are moving toward a successful future with dramas and entertainment suitable
for the new era.


Hide & Seek

The questions that the small society of schools asks us, can you solve this problem?”
Students who have to solve hundreds of questions every day for the CSAT, which is given a total of 140 questions. On the other hand, a teacher
who has to identify and guide the student's problems.
If you look at the equation, the students just need to figure out the values of x and y, however, the equation that the teacher has to solve is probably
students who have difficulty figuring out what variables are. And where there is a teacher who uses the naivety of young children for his lust,
This is a school. It's not just a place where you get grades 1 to 9. It is the first place to experience the light and shadow of life.
Among them, Yongam Girls' High School in the middle of Gangnam 8th School District, ’Joo-Gwansik’ which is the youngest mathematical genius
in Korea who won the Fields Medal, called the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, solve the difficult problem of "high school girls," which is more difficult
than Fermat's theorem, and large and small events related to them one by one with a school police officer ‘Seon Da-hyung’.
In addition, along with the mystery of his wife's suicide, which he has not been able to solve.
And through this, I want to ask questions? What problems have we come this far in our lives?
If you still haven't found the answer and become an adult? Aren't you still stuck in the same form of problems that the future of tomorrow poses?
Hide & Seek

Muk-ket Road

A combination of "food" and "bucket list," a muckket list that means a list of must-eat foods.
We no longer leave for sightseeing, shopping, or photo spots. The only goal of this trip, we leave to conquer only one food.
If it's beef, then beef! If it's wine, it's wine! If it's cake, then cake! A celebrity who knows the taste well with semi-professional knowledge is one of his favorite foods!

Go on a world taste expedition to chew, rip, and taste it oneself!
People who eat well even if they eat all day. Those who don't eat will team up to verify real restaurants to reevaluate food reviews.
Which restaurant will make a small eater hold a spoon?

No longer go to the places set by the production team.
In order to explore theme restaurants around the world, it is basic to conduct a preliminary survey of restaurants by semi-professional people
who know how to taste themselves, and go out as a VJ world restaurant commando with a camera!
Not only waiting and open run, but also local sales and coverage.
This is the 1,000% real Muckket Road.

In addition, it adds the fun of completing a theme map with a delicious food story to match the saying that it tastes better as much as you know.
Delicious map for travelers who only leave to eat.
Muk-ket Road

Big Wave

Temple Grandin, the real model of Woo Young-woo, a drama that overcame autism spectrum!
Jackie Robinson, the first black man to enter MLB and write a new baseball history!
Psy, Asia's first YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers and pioneered the globalization of K-pop!
And breaking the prejudice, "Fat people can't dance!" Big-size dancers redefine the world's “dance."

Call out the dance gems hidden everywhere out of the world with "weight brand."
Through a fierce survival, the company creates a "new dance universe" to form a true super dancing crew.
The 'ideal aesthetic standard' given by society is NO!

I am the main character.
It's 100% pure! Just the way you are.
We acknowledge the value of the contestants who show off their high-quality dance skills, and exert a good influence that gives me the courage
to live as I am. Instead of chasing the winner like other audition programs Challengers with the same talent break the prejudice of the
world and work together! A project in which all participants grow together toward their dreams. The grandest big stage in the world.
Big Wave


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Hyemin Hong