KBS Media

Company Introduction

KBS Media is a commercial arm of KBS which is among the nation’s most influential public broadcasters.
We have been actively licensing international and domestic rights of contents, distributing VOD contents, importing and dubbing foreign programs
and carrying on various other businesses related to contents.

KBS Media exported a drama series to Japan in 2003, first in Korean drama history, contributing to the expansion of Korean Wave
in Asia. Since then, KBS media expanded its market to Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa, and became the leading central force
of Korean Wave phenomenon.

KBS Media has over a million hours of programs in its library and currently produces over 1,000 hours of programs every year. KBS Media has been distributing numerous TV series as well as formats of KBS programs throughout the world, including one of the most well-known K-formats,
. In 2023, another KBS scripted Format has debuted as a US remake on ABC: .
KBS Media has been expanding its global footprint across the world with both finished programs and formats.


My Lovely Boxer

Tae-young is a sports agent with excellent eyes for finding players with high potential, and a smart brain to make the players his client. He is also a competent agent who persistently manages the player to become a top player with a huge salary. However, an unfortunate event brings him to set up a losing game for his old friend. Then Kwon-sook comes into his radar. She is a genius boxer who desperately wants to be forgotten so that she can leave the ring forever. Tae-young has a strong feeling that she will be a perfect piece to end the game in the easiest and fastest way. Now, he plans for an outwardly ‘losing game,’ which will bring results to satisfy everyone involved. Will this risky and dangerous choice bring a ‘happily-ever-after’ finale for all?
My Lovely Boxer

The Real Has Come!

A woman who wants a ‘fake’ father of her baby. A man who needs a ‘fake’ lover. The two agree on a fake relationship, not knowing that ‘real’ emotion will eventually bloom. Yeon Doo is a top-rated lecturer at a private institution. After going through many hardships, she finally gets a stable home
and career, allowing her to prepare for marriage. However, she faces a new dilemma of becoming a single mother. That is when she meets her doctor,
Gong Tae Kyung. A misogamist, he who wishes to avoid marriage starts a relationship with a woman who is willing to birth a baby without a father.
The contract romance then begins with the baby as collateral. Can they fool their families to the end with their impudent lie?
The Real Has Come!

Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant

Let's Enjoy the Menus of Stars at home!
Have you ever watched celebrities eating on TV and thought, "I want to try that delicious-looking food too!" What if you could taste that food yourself?
In this program, celebrities from various entertainment industries reveal delicious combinations they've discovered as "food experts” - and create a
new dish. These celebrities, known for their exquisite taste buds, want to share the recipe they find too precious to enjoy alone with many people!
The dish that ultimately wins the competition will be released for the public the next day (available in convenience stores & meal kits).
"Star’s top recipe: Funstaurant" is a program that fulfills the dreams of viewers who always wanted to taste the dishes they've seen on TV.
Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant

KBS Media

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