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World War Toons : Tank Arena VR

1. Content Overview
World War Toons: Tank Arena VR is the first Korean developed game that was launched on the Meta Quest store.
It offers a casual VR tank experience, allowing players to pilot tanks with unique abilities and weapons in 4vs4 multiplayer battles.
The game has been well-received since its official release in December 2022, with frequent updates and seasonal events to engage players.

2. Game Features
- Diverse Interactions:
- In addition to basic tank controls and ammo reloading, the game incorporates interactive elements that make the most of VR, such as tank repairs,
fire extinguisher usage, and skill activation.
- Casual 4 vs 4 co-op multiplayer Battles:
- Combining casual tank aesthetics with FPS gameplay mechanics, the game features intuitive UI to provide a clear overview of the battlefield.
- Enhanced VR Experience through Innovative Controls:
- The game provides both a Thumbstick + HMD control scheme, so players can experience both control methodsin the tutorial and choose their
preferred option.
World War Toons : Tank Arena VR


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