Company Introduction

Wemad is a production company specializing in international co-production,
whose main business is the production of contents such as dramas and movies


Love Space - The other world

God, and Destiny tells them. You two are not meant to be. But they fight back. We choose our own destiny and our own love by ourselves!
Era, where Individual Happiness is more important than love and marriage. Time, when people do not cherish relationship,
and get over crush so they are not heart-broken. Hard Love may hurt more, and last longer than easy break-up.
But one thing can be assured; we become better person after going through hard-love.
To grow a young tree called 'love' and bear a fruit, lot of hard work and devotion is required.
<Love Space> is fairy tale-like Fantasy; about devotion young tree called 'love' requires, before it bears fruit.
Love Space - The other world

A blossom

Guest is the King in this hotel! Joseon Dynasty, the time when we cannot dream of ever becoming a King.
But there's one place where you can become the KING.
A blossom

Really? Really? MAFIA?!

RRM is about Unmotivated Mafia 'Seppae' and Passionate specialized Web-toon writer Jihoo' falling in love at “the temple".
They work in the temple but do not deliver the noble word of Budda like monk. Actually they are salary man.
They film temple promotional video, study dishes for donators, run Kindergarten bus, earning money to prepare for future just like us.
Office Comedy played by unique staffs working at the temple's back office. This drama is nothing close to any stories you have ever seen before.
But you'll see yourself relating to this story in no time.
Really? Really? MAFIA?!


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