Company Introduction

Nonsense Formats Co., Ltd. was established in June 2021 to create “interesting and unique entertainment content”.
We specialize in the pre-production phase by producing format packages consisting of treatments, format bibles and trailers.
Through online/mobile platforms and networks, we sell content worldwide to generate various license revenues.
Focusing on original formats that reflect Korean culture and values, we are targeting overseas markets with favorable IP positions.
Our goal is to promote the excellence of Korea's entertainment creativity.


Talent in the kitchen

Children are hard to please at mealtimes. They are picky eaters and get bored easily. So now comes a revolutionary cooking competition that combines the two as teams must keep a panel of fussy kids entertained and satisfy their taste buds to win this highly entertaining hybrid format.

In each self-contained episode, three teams of two will compete in our unique studio kitchen. Each team is made up of a chef and an entertainer.
This format consists of 2 rounds and our kids will choose the winner.
Talent in the kitchen


A global dating show where men and women from all over the world actually go on dates where the summit of the century was held.
Three men and three women of different nationalities each stay at the place where the summit was held for one night and two days.
They'll first meet at a press conference and then, over the next 48 hours go on three dates with three partners in three different locations over the hotel where the actual summit conversations took place. After all the dates have been completed, a matching agreement is announced at the lobby press conference where the first face-to-face meeting took place. What kind of global couple will be born through the summit?


Your desktop says a lot about you. Whether you’re neat or messy, what you like to have to hand, what you drink, how you work, what you’re interested in and what goes in the bin! But can a group of celebrities work out the secret identity of a mystery guest just by having complete access to their desktop? If someone that knew you saw your desktop would they know it was you?
A Desktop Mystery Gameshow where a panel attempts to guess the identity of a hidden celebrity just by looking at their desktop!
Then, with the celebrity revealed, the show turn talk show with the celebrity taking us round their desktop giving us all the background to what is going on in their life right now.


#1601, 25, World-Cup buk-ro 54-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea