Company Introduction

MBC is a public broadcasting corporation. Its largest shareholder is a public organization, Foundation for Broadcast Culture.
While it is owned by a public foundation, it operates on advertising. Established in 1961, MBC has grown into a media group with 16 local stations and 8 subsidiaries. MBC operates a total number of 18 channels including 1 terrestrial TV channel, 3 radio channels, 5 cable channels, 5 satellite channels and 4 DMB channels. MBC has exported its high quality content to more than 50 countries and been received well from overseas viewers. In addition, MBC has strengthened international cooperation by maintaining partnership with other broadcasting companies from around the world. MBC produces programs that inform, entertain and impress viewers. MBC makes efforts to communicate and respond to its audiences.
Pursuing audience-first approaches, fairness, public interests and creativity, MBC will become the most competitive global media group
in the 21st century.


My Dearest

I will never get married,” the man who defiantly announced to stay away from marriage for life dramatically and helplessly falls in love (one-sidedly) with Gil Chae who has had two failed marriages and still dreams of love. But it was 1637 after the Military of the Qing dynasty completely crushed Joseon. The country’s rulers enforce strict rules on their people under the justification of building them back together. The bureaucracy also enforces samgang oryun, the Confucian ethics of three principles and duties of individuals, and yeolnyeo hyobu, the Confucian model of filial women, only with the real intention of silencing the people’s voices. The wave of male superiority in society crushes all hope of the woman dreaming of finding new love after two failed marriages. And so is the fate of a man whom the lightning of love for that same woman has hit.
A foolish man who is confident in everything he does but does not know what he is like when in love, and a foolish woman, who does not know who she truly loves, even with every man’s heart in her hands.
Can these two foolish people bear the fruit of love?
No, can they survive?
Here, their love story unfolds between a mysterious man Jang Hyun and a nobleman’s daughter Gil Chae amidst the hardships caused by
the Qing invasion.
My Dearest

Adventure by Accident 2

Kian84 chose his own way to find himself as he found himself having burnout and being stuck in a rut as he has been living the same life for over ten years. By a happy coincidence, Kian84 travels to the other side of the world with just a backpack with him. And that is how he starts to go on "adventures by accident." In Season 1, Kian84 has been on a journey to the other side of the earth without any plans. But still, there are so many things he wants to try during his life. So he chooses to head toward another adventure! The no-plan, hard-work show is back with season 2! Where would he visit in season 2? An in-depth trip to India with no plans begins! Joining him are Pani Bottle, a travel YouTuber who has over 1.36 million subscribers, and Dex, a YouTuber/Streamer and former UDT recently gaining much popularity. They start a new adventure through the country where life and death coexist: India. Let’s go “deeper” and “higher”! It is the second adventure by accident! Namaste Kian! On the one hand, India is an unknown, challenging country. On the other hand, India is also a shrine for backpackers. With only a backpack, a trip to India begins with many bucket list goals to achieve! Kian84 is reborn as “India84.” The first city to visit in India is Varanasi where he jumps into the Ganges River. India is the ultimate challenge for backpackers but Kian84 is surprisingly good at fitting in with the locals. As the saying goes, when in India, do as Indians do! In this regard, Kian84 eats with hands as Indians do and even really enjoys street foods, which surprised the locals! On the journey, Kian84 meets and hangs out with local friends. The adventure demonstrates the true reality and culture of India. As such, Kian84 is a truly becoming one with India.
Adventure by Accident 2


267, Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Deputy Director

Yang Woon Kang