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Company Introduction

MICO operates a business in the areas of production, distribution, management,
and exportation of animated visuals through 2D, 3D, CG, CGI, Flash Animation, and internet.

MICO intends to lead the future of the cultural business market by integrating cultural contents, knowledge,
and IT technology and works with educational professionals as the key aspect of our management.
And, the most strong point of MICO is be able to make 100% pure creative animation in a short time.


Space Dong-uibogam

In the distant universe, the highly civilized planet, Armageddon Scientist develops an eternal life medicine that guarantees eternal life.
However, the Armageddon star is destroyed by a battle caused by the elixir drugScientist is the only one who survives and succeeds in escaping, wanders through space in search of settlements. He decide to find and settle down the Earth with the old appearance of Armageddon stars.

And He changes his name to "Kim Bul-sa" while hiding his identity, and soon becomes a star of the earth. However, he is not satisfied with this and reveals the ambition of conquering the earth using eternal life medicine
They hire Darkman and dirtyman as subordinates and take all those who oppose them to a secret base, and Miru and Saeru's parents and Major's brother Eun-ryeong disappear.
Meanwhile, Miru, Saeru, and Major, with the help of the Spirit of the Earth, obtained the mysterious ability of Donguibogam.
He goes on his way to find the people who disappeared by Kim Bul-sa. Indeed, can the Three Musketeers of Donguibogam protect the Earth from Kimbulsa Temple?
Space Dong-uibogam

Funny Folk Tale

Through storytelling, we want to animate various stories that have been handed down for thousands of years and use them as cultural tourism resources with stories to inform children of social, cultural, and historical characteristics and proud traditional heritage.
Funny Folk Tale

Aroong&tDaroong's Wonderland

Children in the 21st century are living in the flood of publication and visual media.
Every new character and new story are created and our traditional fairy tales are no longer welcomed.
As a result even the world famous fairy tales exists only in books.
Fairy tales with our ancestor’s wisdom will be reborn into TV animation.
This was planned in order for its viewers to be interested in fairy tales and it aims to deliver fundamental messages to children.
Aroong&tDaroong's Wonderland

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