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Company Introduction

GraFizix, a space of Great Fun eXperience.
GraFizix has developed and produced qualified TV programs which entertain children and teens based on educational purposes creating our own IPs. We're expanding to other business areas to produce related several products, such as board games, books, musicals and interactive media exhibitions.

Mind Blowing Breakthroughs is an animated TV series based on science, math, music and art. It was distributed over 60 countries consisted of 78 episodes. The 3rd season, Mind Blowing Breakthroughs- Art show will be coming up this year. It was also produced each of two episodes of planetarium and holographic films. It's enable to meet as musical and experience exhibition which is similar to the original series.


Mind Blowing Breakthroughs Show

Production Year : 2014 / 2017 / 2020
Eps × Min : 78 × 12
Genre : Science, Education, Adventure, Music, Math

Season1, 2 English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic Language Available!
Season1 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs] 52Ep. x 12minutes
Baron Munchhausen and Betty host an extraordinary exhibition show which portrays those flashes of genius that changed the course of human history.
Season2 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs : Music Show] 26Ep. x 12minutes
Based on 'Music‘, the main theme, introduces musical instruments, theories, and musicians of various cultures
Season3 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs : Art Show] 26Ep. x 12minutes
Every night, a special guest will help them unravel the innovative techniques of the greatest master-pieces of the history of art. Along the adventure, the audience will literally have their brains blown away!.
Mind Blowing Breakthroughs Show

Rita and Murray’s makerSpace

Production Year : 2025 / In Production
Eps × Min : 26 × 11
Genre : History, Architecture, Fantasy, Science, Education, Adventure

The secrets of the world's mysterious architecture are solved from a child's perspective using scientific imagination.
Rita and Murray belong to an elementary school architecture club.
Children make mini-architecture every week as a club activity.
Children meet cats, owls, and mice that enter the club room, and have mysterious power, and take a special time trip to make buildings.
You should visit buildings around the world to have fantastic adventures and defeat the forces that interfere to dig up and preserve the secrets of the buildings.
Rita and Murray’s makerSpace


Production Year : 2017 / In Production Completed
Eps × Min : 78 × 9
Genre : Situation Comedy

Hungry and tired, farm animals arrive at a zoo and start to live in a petting zoo area. They are so curious about wonderful and sophisticated zoo animals and want to be friends with them. But, it’s not easy to get along with because they’re too common animals, a DONKEY, CAT, ROOSTER, and DOG.


3F, 71, Toegye-ro 20-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04629, Korea


Sung Wook Hong