Company Introduction

Where does true originality come from?
Since 1995, CJ ENM has been answering that question. We are at originality’s frontier, creating must-see dramas, award-winning movies, and addictive reality entertainment. We are discovering K-pop’s next stars, inventing animation’s next sensation, and producing world-class musicals for Broadway, the West End and Asia. Originality thrives on common themes in every language, every age and every generation. New characters and stories bring us together through universal emotions we all share.

At CJ ENM we love to find the familiar within the unfamiliar – and the thrill that comes with it.
We live to discover untold originals.


Wedding Fighters

<Wedding Fighters> is a survival reality game show that takes engaged couples on a journey to prove their trust and love, with the ultimate goal of marriage. Challenged both physically and mentally, the couples will fight their way to secure marriage funds for their happily ever after.
Wedding Fighters

Crazy Market

We use food, not for cooking but for the GAMES!
No need to cook well! No need to have food knowledge!

Do you love food? Finally, there is a delicious game show where you use your five senses to win a cash prize.
Using touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste, you must correctly answer food related quiz and trivia questions to win the game.
In each round, the conveyer belt delivers a food that is related to the quiz question such as
“By tasting the foods, guess which dish has more calories.”, “Listen and identify the name of vegetable being sliced.”

There are also special rounds to pump up your money, where you battle against a professional chef! The game isn’t always favorable towards the chef, but rather can be as silly as stacking ice cream as high as possible.

You don’t have to have any expertise! Passion for food is all you need! Welcome to <Crazy market>
Crazy Market

I Can See Your Voice

<I Can See Your Voice> is a music entertainment with seven mystery singers, all with different singing abilities.
Among them, there are talented singer, and then… there are truly horrible singers.
Based on three rounds of hints, the guest star must figure out who can carry a tune and who cannot.
After every round, the guest star eliminates 2 mystery singers and the final remaining mystery singer will get to sing a duet with the guest star.
Did the guest star make the right choice?
Will the duet partner be a good singer or just a great imposter who can’t carry a note?
I Can See Your Voice


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