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Company Introduction

『ULTRAMEDIA Co., Ltd.』 is attracting attention not only in Korea but also in the global content and entertainment market as a Trans-Media company that plans and produces the best cartoons(webtoon) such as “The Boxer”, “Mosquito Wars”, and “The Horizon”, and takes the lead in expanding and revitalizing various secondary industries(movies, dramas, animations, games, publishing, etc.) using the original webtoon IP.
In particular, ULTRAMEDIA has exported the best webtoon IPs produced by its own webtoon creation (production) studio to 19 countries around the world (Japan, the United States, China, Germany, France, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.), and continues to increase the number of webtoon works and countries exported.
Furthermore, ULTRAMEDIA is showing the potential of Korean webtoons directly to the world by actively promoting commercialization expansion into various secondary industries such as domestic and international book (publishing) production, seasonal drama, animation, emoticons, OSTs, musicals, etc. using its webtoon IPs.


The Boxer

Yu, a boy who grew up in a state of extreme anxiety due to domestic violence from his childhood. So the boy has the utmost concentration to see a flying bullet. The legendary boxing trainer, K's superb training make Yu an undefeated champion in boxing history immediately.
On the other hand, unlike Yu, J, who does not have a natural talent for boxing and is not a boxer with a good winning percentage, shows a dramatic performance every time with his outstanding tenacity to bet everything on a single match. Then J fights against Yu over the champion belt.
Lonely genius boxer vs tenacious veteran boxer, who will be the winner?
The Boxer

Justice for the Villainess

Charlotte Moden, Emperor Albert’s lover and former murderer, is trapped in a northern prison because of Albert’s betrayal. Five years after being locked up in the northern prison, Charlotte joins hands with Ruslan von Kaitel, the last prince of the country and the adopted son of grand duke Licht of the North, to plan revenge for the emperor. Thanks to northern magic, Charlotte is possessed by the body of Juju, the maid of Grand Prince Licht. In order to revenge, Juju offers Ruslan to act as a lover, and the strongest duo is born.

2021 RIDIBOOKS Webtoon Award, New Webtoon of the Year Prize
Justice for the Villainess

Lady Isabella’s Path to Happiness

Born to be cursed to die before adulthood, ""Isabella Helsington"" lives under the treatment of an infectious disease in the Helsington count’s family. Her younger brother, Ijar, who she believed was the only one on her side in the family, has deceived her. A year before Isabella's death, she actively responds to a marriage with Cleor Noverdic, the grand duke’s son known for his evil spirit. Because she doesn't care where she is as long as she can get out of Helsington! However, the in-laws, who visited with the intention of being hated, pour infinite affection into her, and even her prospective husband is attached to her…?!
Lady Isabella’s Path to Happiness


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