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Company Introduction

Ideaconcert is a digital content & AI technology based company focused on research and development of webtoons and related tools.


Webtoon Image/video Processing Technology

Webtoon Image/video Processing Technology, where anyone can learn to make video withn 40hours and work quickly
It is a useful authoring tool that allows webtoon and content creators to easily create videos to make their content stand out more. Various productions are possible through various effects such as camera walking effects!
Webtoon Image/video Processing Technology

Miracle Physical Therapist

Physical therapist, Lee Gi Jeok.
His center is ruined; his girlfriend dumped him; everything is simply a fiasco.
After being hit by a falling star, he begins to see a panel status!
Lee Gi Jeok's journey to becoming the best Physical Therapist begins here!
A modern fantasy about the university hospital drama of "Selfish," a physical therapist growing through a level-up system.
It is an adaptation of the original novel of the same name that describes the actual theory and background of a physical therapist.
A touching narrative that treats patients with their own circumstances, but a conspiracy force in the company surrounding the main character.
#ModernFantasy #Drama #Medical
Miracle Physical Therapist

Timid Confession

The timid protagonist, 'Na-Ong', who orbits around Jenny like the moon orbiting around the Earth at first sight of love. Will Na-Ong's timid confession ever be heard?? Na-Ong, who knows nothing but quantum mechanics, Can love be calculated by the laws of physics? Na-Ong, who is writing a paper on quantum mechanics. As usual, she stops by the library to borrow books. There, Naong's heart flutters at Jenny's compliment, "Cool." Na-Ong, who has always lived alone in a world dominated by physics, fell in love with a new world called Jenny. Will Na-Ong be able to find the answer to Jenny's heart?
Timid Confession


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