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Company Introduction

Founded in 2009, Soul Creative Co., Ltd. plans and produces animation contents and provides broadcasting services. Through the diversity of animation content IP, we are expanding our business to become a global IP company.

in the area of business
1. IP Brand Business Based on Digital Content IP
2. Animation, Webtoon IP Development Service
3. Brand IP Development Services


Banzi’s Secret Diary

‘Banzi's Secret Diary’ is a TV animation series that centers around the everyday adventures of the protagonist, 'Banzi', and her relationships with family and friends. The series resonates with the daily experiences and emotions of children, making it beloved by many.
This animation delivers various lessons and messages to children through small problems and emotions in everyday life and relationships with good friends.
Banzi’s Secret Diary

The Little Dinosaur Kuang

'Little Dinosaur Kuang' is a popular children's animation in South Korea. The protagonist, 'Kuang', is a cute little dinosaur who embarks on adventures with various friends, sharing diverse stories. The animation offers valuable lessons to children while also providing entertainment and humor, garnering widespread love.

In addition to the main character 'Kuang', there are several other characters. Through their friendships, adventures, and problem-solving, the show conveys positive messages and educational content to its young audience.
The Little Dinosaur Kuang

Soul Creative

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