Company Introduction

Skywalk is a game development and publishing company founded in 2019.
Our goal is to give global users the best experience with the best games.
To this end, we operate five separate studios to enhance the expertise of each genre,
and we are ready to showcase various genres of games with the best quality.
Key personnel have more than 20 years of global game production and publishing capabilities,
and have produced a variety of meaningful works in the global market, including mobile games.

"Yumi's Cells: The Puzzle", "Whale in the High", "GIRL GLOBE", etc.


Girl Globe

GIRL GLOBE is a anime dress up games where you can find pure beauty by enjoying a varity of dress up with more than +4,000 actual fashion brands.
Collect thousands of real brand clothes, accessories worn by celebrities, kpop idol stars, and actresses.
Show off your dress up collections through fashion Week and fashion pictorial Photoshoot function!

If you love the collection in game, you can also purchase the REAL dress up cloth through the in-game purchase link in the Brand Exhibition Shop.
Treat yourself like a superstar with game.

The main content of game is Story Journy. Take an excition adventure with the GIRL GLOBE team.

You will be able to collect various outfits by meeting representative designers from each country.

Travel and visit the global world with GG Team to experience attactive attractions and food, activities from each country.

Share your trending dress up style on social media and become the princess of the fashion!
Gril Globe, the only game that can realize your dress up fantasy.
Live your fashion dream with GIRL GLOBE. We love your dress up fantasy.
Girl Globe

Hello Hero: Lionheart

"10th Anniversary Project of Gloabl IP Hello Hero, the originator of collective RPG"

- Hello Hero IP's vast world view and scenario
- Up to 268 kinds of attractive characters and costurnes
- Unique and deep stategic battles and infinited growth content
- SNG-type village contents that will simulate users' emotions

Introducing the game in detail
"Hello Hero - The Lionheart" is a collective strategy RPG that collects various characters from Hello Hero and engages in stategic battles with characters that have grown through constant dungeon and various contents.

In "Hello - Hero - The Lionheart" all characters have a system in which they help each others, connect organically, and fight strategically.
By placing infinite growth factors with various contents, users can continue to provide daily growth feedback and create a continuous attachment
to the game with content that can communicate with characters and other users in the game.
Hello Hero: Lionheart

Cut the Rope: BLAST

Cut the Rope: BLAST is an official BLAST puzzle of the "Cut the Rope" series, which has accumulated 1.4 billion downloads due to its high popularity since the beginning of smartphone game industry. It is Om Nom IP's first blast puzzle genre, providing users with high freedom of play and fun by providing games without advertisements. It offers a variety of things to enjoy, including tournament mode and team cooperation mode, and plans to update the boss battle content called Evil Spider for the first time in the blast genre. Users who have completed all levels can enjoy infinite competition in the Champions League.
Cut the Rope: BLAST