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Company Introduction

Qtizz is Through cute and attractive emotional characters and sensuous content.
It is our value and goal to bring joy and excitement to everyone in the world.
Through cute and fun contents and character products that capture the hearts of consumers,
We will lead the character entertainment industry and grow into a global company.
Qtizz is a subsidiary of Jaedam Media, a webtoon company.
Secondary business of webtoon character IP, licensing of Cuties original character IP, animation planning and production,
character design, emoticons, character products, collaboration.
Qtizz is an IP business specialized company that develops all-round business related to content IP.


Goodnight Pajamals

A fun pajama party with chubby animal friends around the world! Pajamal friends (Ping, Coco, Momo, Haha, Bebe, Ppuppu, Popo, Yo-Yo) at Tongtong International Arts School located in Honolulu, Hawaii Island with a natural environment in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, finish swimming, ballet, art, and music classes during the week. We hurriedly return to the Pudong Podong dormitory by passing through the beautiful path with palm trees and red hibiscus flowers in Hawaii. In order to prepare for a fun and exciting weekend party (pamas) in the front yard of the Tak Twin dormitory overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean and the dormitory living room and room, Ping plays an exciting selection of music, and Coco enjoys eating cookies with Pajamal friends. After preparing snacks, Momo puts on a fun dance to show off to her friends who are preparing party lights, balloons, and firecrackers, while Bebe prepares cushions and blankets, etc.
Goodnight Pajamals


This is the growth story of plump little unicorns who run and play happily every day at Cloud Village's Rainbow Playground. The young Minicorn's dream is to grow up as soon as possible and develop mysterious magical powers from the horn on its head.
Cloo (white) - Bright and cheerful Cloo is very curious.
Sunny (Yellow)- Sunny has a warm heart and is kind.
Luna (Orange) - Luna loves to sing and is always happy.
Star (Purple) - Stars with strong personalities are popular.
Rai (blue) - Fast, strong and brave, Rai is brave.
Flo (Mint) - Flo is pure and has an emotional love for nature.
Timmy (Gray) - Timmy is scared of the sound of thunder and is timid.
Lovee (Pink) ? Lovee is happy with a heart full of love.
Sky (Light Blue) - Sky has a lot of dreams and a lot of thoughts.

Eggoogoo Friends

“Egg friends accidentally broken” It contains the comical daily life, trivial adventures, and enjoyable trips of Egg friends who accidentally broke and came out of the world. It is content designed with the motif of an egg that everyone around the world is familiar with. It is round, friendly and cute. The image is optimized for character commercialization, and it is an attractive character loved by everyone through a story with laughter and emotion. A mistaken egg broken by chance, a cute little quail egg, a shy jjimjilbang (Korean sauna) egg, a timid ostrich egg, a turtle egg without a sense of direction, a dinosaur egg, a chatty duck egg A comical story of friends.
Eggoogoo Friends


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