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Company Introduction

Monoverse consists of high-quality and capable staffs for game development.
We are with TD, AD-level personnel and planning, server development, and client developers
who worked for top leading game companies in Korea such as NCsoft and Nexon building up our business.
Frutti Dino character IP has been produced and sed to develop various genres of games, and the games are about to be launched globally.
We are planning to develop various businesses using Frutti Dino, such as consumer product licensing business,
book publishing, and animation production as well.


Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino is an appealing character IP with a unique appearance combining dinosaurs and fruits. After evolving from baby dinos, the Frutti Dinos embark on an adventure to defeat the villainous 'Mammon' and save the endangered land of 'Atusia' from turmoil. Join the adventure and be a part of the thrilling journey with dinosaurs possessing various fruit DNA!
<The birth of Frutti Dino>
The god of life discovered the planet, 'Atusia,' and journeyed and scattered the Frutti Ambers across the world. The Frutti Ambers took root on its various islands, giving rise to both towering and petite Amber trees. As the baby dinos consume the essence derived from Amber trees, they undergo a transformation and evolve into Frutti Dinos.
<The battle for the planet ‘Atusia’ fate>
Driven by their greed for the power of the essence, some greedy dinos turned into the villainous 'Mammon.' The Frutti Dinos begin their journey to save 'Atusia' from them.
Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino Stories

Frutti Dino Stories is the ultimate casual growth game that lets players nurture their own adorable Dino characters, from their baby days all the way to full-grown dinosaurs. Thanks to its successful soft launch in Australia and Singapore, Frutti Dino has earned the top spot as the #1 casual game on Google Play in the Australian market. Now, it has launched in 173 countries, and you can raise your own dino!
<Create your own Frutti Dino>
It is a casual growth simulation game where players can raise their own baby dinosaur called "Frutti Dino" as they progress through the game. Depending on the fruits fed to the dinosaur in the game, its appearance changes, and it can also evolve into limited editions with special body parts. From baby dinosaurs to complete Frutti Dinos, players can raise their own dinosaur character and fully own it as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) through minting. Explore different spaces with your Frutti Dino and uncover hidden treasures in the game!
Frutti Dino Stories

Frutti Dino Amber Guard

Amber Guard is a strategy tower defense game with combat elements.
Players will build their dinos into their decks and battle their opponents through their own decks. Players can feel the thrill of strategy and a sense of accomplishment through roguelike elements and the choices they make to overcome changing environments. In single mode, you can get effects that are helpful to the game as a whole through the growth of the game's story and amber tree, and in battle mode, you can feel the strategic fun of overcoming difficulties with your own strategy and deck setting using various dino. Here Comes the Boss - Guard Up!
Frutti Dino Amber Guard


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