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Company Introduction

Mangrove Inc. is a venture company that develops its own 5G, 3D, VR, UHD contents production technology
and develops various video programs and develops and operates '3D VR experience bus service!


Let’s go for you fun diving

'South of Cebu in the Philippines, there is a small village called Moalboal. The meaning of Moalboal is 'turtle's egg' and it is rated as one of the top ten diving spots in the world. We came to Moalboal to find sea turtles. The sea of Moalboal has escaped from the development and still preserve the beauty unspoiled. Coral, tropical fish, schools of sardines, sea turtles and underwater environments all filmed in vivid "3D VR" for your viewing pleasure.
Let’s go for you fun diving

Mobile 3D VR Smart Aquarium BUS

Mobile hands-on digital aquarium : Brought to your doorstep, Reduction of travel time, Safety assurance for kids.
3D VR Images about the ocean : Educational documentary for kids, High sense of realism images.
Revenue enlargement by mobile application : Connecting to game application. Multi-touch screen configuration(10 points).
Sound system equipped with wireless microphones / Equipped with a vehicle specific private generator (Diesel fueled)
Real-time surveillance with a smartphone through interior and exterior vehicle CCTVs / Ensured safety with equipped level jack.
Mobile 3D VR Smart Aquarium BUS


401-4, DMC, Seongam-ro 330, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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