Animation/Character Licensing


Company Introduction

We suggest that you are going to experience new media contents of Character Business on the global platform through Luxconz co., ltd.
which contains the people are specialized in the fields of each department such as
Animation, Licensing, International IP’s rights, MD developments, Marketing.
As well as worldwide aggressive business network in specific to emerge of ICT.
We’re able to cooperate with the company that have in different point of view from.

[Business area]
Luxconz Co., is doing Animation product, Product Licensing,
Online Licensing& Marketing , Place Development,.

[Contents Category]
-. Animation Production: Producing Animation, and
-. Merchandising Product Licensing: Launching New concept match Launching Product expansion lineup.
Launching Product re-branding
-. Online Licensing & Marketing :
-. Place development: Launching Franchise (Brand concept, BI, Space Concept)
Theme park: (Theme concept, Develop contents, Arrangement)


Slow Slow Sloth Neul

It is animation, basic concept about aesthetics of slow. The story of slow life in harmony between humans and nature the eye level of 12ages.
Our animations are not only full 3D animation, we use mixed techniques animation.
It is the story about life in city, and solve problem with funny way, We have three different character with other personality.
1. Neul: We can learn aesthetics of slow because he is very slow
2. Arl: His reaction is fast and hot temper. He got struggle about Neul slow behavior.
3. Gil: He love to eat and timid.
We have broadcasted on Korea Broadcasting System (KBS2).
In china we have over 300 million view. Our animation is shows relaxed life.
Slow Slow Sloth Neul


Raon is a mint-colored cat.
The keywords is in below
1. Positive Icon: Bright color is symbolizing as hope and good luck.Give the meaning that good things happen when meeting Raon
2. Marshmallow: Using the plump and soft feeling of marshmallow. Induces to keep wanting to touch and interest
3. Cat: Make the image like cute, lively and lovely
4. Fluffy Fluffy: Make setting, it can change to any shape.

The Raon product have over 50type of character MD product, we make and merchandise it. Raon appeal the cuteness by cat view and unique color. Every our product will be looks like Raon character shape. So it will looks more unique and special. Our main concept is “in Raon”


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