Company Introduction

LingAling is a leading company that successfully produces dramas and entertainment shows full of passion and creativity. We're not always afraid of new challenges, and we're expanding the boundaries of the industry through sensuous ideas and attempts.
LingAling's works captivate viewers with our best storytelling and touching acting skills, and provide them with unique fun and enjoyment to watch.
Representative works are Gaus Electronics, Love after divorce, Just comedy, etc., and they are diverse across dramas and entertainment shows.
We strive to be loved and communicated by more people, and we are moving toward a successful future
with dramas and entertainment suitable for the new era.


Plastic Surgery

This is a story about a genius plastic surgeon who is preoccupied with looking after scars on others, and ironically, being oblivious to his own scars.
There are two types of plastic surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is more likely for people who want to look nicer.
Reconstructive surgery is more for people who required reconstruction to become normalized.
It's not easy to define which one is more important and valued, however, reconstructing can be considered fundamentally urgent.
People with the courage to get reconstructive surgery are not only hoping to change their appearance, but also to heal their wounded hearts.
In other words, this is a curing process of reconstructing their lives as well.
This progressive healing journey of wounded ones will touch and warm the audiences hearts.
Plastic Surgery

Si bel homme

"Beautiful Man Sibelom" is the story of male models who are forced to retire at the age of 27 even in their 9th body hot body specification, like the French word "sibelomme," which literally means a handsome man.
Although he had a brilliant modeling career enough to cover all the fashion show runway of famous designers, it captures the real comic episodes of the four models who suddenly became unemployed working as part-timers at a livelihood cafe "to make ends meet."
The proud and trendy handsome models in their 20s, who have no money but don't want to look like they don't, are belatedly seen suffering from growing pains that others will experience in their teens, drawing laughter and sympathy. In addition, it is a sitcom like a "comprehensive gift set" that boasts a warm visual with new model-turned-actresses with tall height, attractive appearance, and trendy fashion sense. Even in a short period of time, the worries and dreams of youth, wind and frustration, hope and despair coexist.
Si bel homme

Adventures in love

Would a man and a woman fall in love if they go through extreme hardship or a crazy adventure together, just like a typical love story in a movie?
On a remote island, people gather around to find their romantic partners. Still caught up in a sweet dream that they're going to have a candlelight dinner with their partner, however, that's not going to happen on this island.
The reality of this island is far from romantic. It's brutal!
Ultimately, it would be best to match with somebody who's strong enough to protect you and help you through these crazy situations.
Imagine if, in the middle of dinner, the door of the room suddenly locked and water began slowly filling the room. What are you going to do now?
Adventures in love


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