Animation/Character Licensing


Company Introduction

Iform Inc. is a design company that makes character licensing
and character products based on a total of 10 monster characters called Tomarmon.

Iform is looking at creating strategic partners for publishing to advance into overseas markets.
The main character is "Tomamon," which was born with the motif of a Guatemala worried doll.
The name is a combination of the two words of Spanish tomar (eat, drink) and English monster (monster),
and was developed under the concept of a "monster friend who eats worries" and was developed as a popular character
concept that encompasses not only kids but also adults.

Tormarmon has made its first appearance in 2018 in Korea, and is now on production as a form of kids-masks,
hand sanitizer, soccer ball after concluding all the licensing contracts.
In particular, the product is currently on sale as it signed an exclusive contract with China's largest infant sports brand 361° (361 degrees) in 2020.

Please find attached below, a company introduction and data related to TOMARMON characters.
This will help you get a better idea about our company.



Tomamon, inspired by Guatemalan worried dolls
The name comes from the combination of Spanish tomar and English monster.
Tommon was developed under the concept of "a monster friend who eats worries."
A total of 10 monster friends will pleasantly portray the process of eating up our worries.
Tomamon, who always listens to our worries, shares our worries, and shares our joys and sorrows
If you are with Tommon, your worries will disappear and please look forward to a day full of fun!


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