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Company Introduction

Happyup, a South Korean animation production company, was founded with the goal of making children happy through animation.
Experts in production and marketing with years of experience in various animation companies have come together
to create a variety of animations to make them more educational and beautiful.
Since its inception in 2015, the company has won various awards such as the Korea Content Awards
and received various certifications such as Brand K.
The company specializes in planning and producing 2D and 3D animations,
and its main clients are global OTT companies such as Netflix and HBO Max.


Comi and Bebe

<Comi and Bebe>, a CGI animation for young children, is 5.5 minutes long and consists of a total of 52 episodes. Among them, 17 episodes consist of a sing-along show, so you can enjoy various nursery rhymes.
This project, co-produced by EBS and Lion forge in the United States, was broadcast on various domestic and foreign platforms such as EBS, Channel A, Home Choice, and Netflix, and showed a high rating.
‘Comi and Bebe’ is the story of five-year-old Comi and Bebe, who live next door to each other. As Comi and Bebe grow up day by day, they meet their families, kindergarten friends, and local older sisters and older brothers. And through the various events that take place in between, they learn a lot about family love, friendship, and nature.
The show is a gentle and kind animation that can be shown with confidence like a classic fairy tale, and each episode is composed of beautiful content and music under the concept of a ‘living fairy tale’.
Comi and Bebe


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