Gawon Global

Company Introduction

Game developers who are serious about healing have gathered.
This is a team that makes games fun and does all the developments we want to do.
Develop amazing games based on passion and challenge.

We gathered to give hope and positive influence to the world through digital cultural contents, games.
We would like to provide new experiences and greater enjoyment to users through games.
Efforts and challenges continue to be made to create better games based on healing content.


Flow of Sound

Please help balls of various colors reaches to destination.
Meet the ball that is created and disappears to the music of the atmosphere.
You can feel healing just by looking at the beautiful and brilliant ball.

Simple Rules, Puzzles that evoke challenges
A ball like a light bulb moves in a straight line toward the goal.
If there is another ball blocking the movement line, please help to move the block to avoid it.
It's okay to bump into each other a few times, but if you repeat it several times, you'll be stuck together.

Music perfects a Puzzle
Beautiful and colorful music allows you to immerse yourself in puzzles.
You can enjoy beautiful music by solving a rather difficult puzzle that evokes a spirit of challenge.
Experience thrilling achievement by solving puzzles while testing your limitations.
Flow of Sound

Gawon Global

307ho, 45-7, Huimang-ro 46beon-gil, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea


Minji Seo