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Company Introduction

CarrieSoft (,
a media studio specializing in family and kid friendly contents, follows a mission statement of "Happy Family".
Throughout in-house Carrie Friends IP, we create various programs such as 2D / 3D animations and musicals.
The programs are also syndicated on the company’s own IPTV channel called Carrie TV
on Korea’s two major IPTV platforms such as KT OllehTV and SK Broadband.

We currently own and operate dozens of international channels on YouTube, Iqiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku.
Carrie and Friends, a Presidential Award character IP, is well known amongst Korean families through 2D/3D animations,
live videos, and series of musicals in front of live audience.

The kid friendly contents expand beyond YouTube and TV syndication,
garnering offline operations such as Children’s Indoor Playgrounds and Merchandise Pop Up Stores.

In Korea, more than 500 toys and edible goods are manufactured and sold through licensed partners on both offline and online platforms.
CarrieSoft also offers ODM based character products for families in Asia through CarrieShop;
Carrie POP, a bubble body cleanser, is one example of the ODM items in collaboration with Cosmax China.

CarrieSoft IPO to KOSDAQ in 2019, timing will be of essence to invest in more excitement
for global audience. CarrieSoft's growth into the Global's Top content creator will be imminent
as we expand our business past IP licensing, musical performances, education, and e-commerce.


Carrie and SuperKola

My friend 'Kola' gained superpowers...?! The extraterrestrial 'Master,' who was being chased by the space villain 'Specter,' accidentally crash-landed on Earth and ended up inside the body of 'Kola,' the most precious doll of 'Carrie.' Eleven-year-old Carrie and Friends were thus introduced to 'Super Kola' for the first time! Thanks to the ability to freely move objects with telekinesis, 'Super Kola' became Carrie's unique secret friend. However, there was no time to enjoy this tranquility as 'Super Kola' was caught on Specter's gang's radar for the excessive use of superpowers and was eventually captured and taken away on the villain's spaceship! "Brave Carrie's daring mission to rescue Super Power Kola!"
Carrie and SuperKola

Delivery Heroes

In the world of delivery, Eden wins the "Delivery Heroes Contest" with his drone skills. His father's company, Eden Mobility, attracts investment from Unicorn Group until hackers Hash & Brown sabotage their plans. Carrie and Friends launch their own delivery service, "Delivery Heroes," to help Eden. Rosie tricks them into transporting illicit items disguised as vitamins. A contagious disease called "Itch" spreads, and Carrie and Friends are wrongly arrested. Chaos erupts as infected people turn into savage creatures. After discovering counterfeit money, the heroes determine to catch Hash & Brown. They link Rosie to the mastermind, suspecting Unicorn Group's CEO, Jason. Jason announces a vaccine while hiding Rosa, whom the heroes are after. At a hidden water park, they learn Jason's plan to transform humans. United with Cola's return, they defeat Jason, expose the dark forces, and secure a hopeful future for Eden Mobility.
Delivery Heroes

Carrie and Friends

After the feature animation "Carrie and SuperKola," Carrie, Kevin, and Ellie have become fourth graders in elementary school. For them, SuperKola, Waku, and the Marine robots from space are their own secrets that "adults never know." Carrie lives with Kola, an alien who looks like a stuffed puppy, and they go to school together. Everything is exciting for Kola, who is new to Earth life. Particularly, the love, faith, and respect shown within the family relationship are simply amazing. Carrie and Friends grow up while recognizing social values through the love of their neighbors and the events that unfold in their ordinary daily lives. The turbulent era of the alpha generation is understood by the millennial generation parents, and through this understanding, Carrie and Friends mature even more. Various episodes of this daily life unfold endlessly.
Carrie and Friends


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