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BRUSH Theatre

Company Introduction

BRUSH Theatre highly values the rights of all children and youth around the globe,
regardless of their social, financial, geographical backgrounds and situations.
We respect today's youth as today's audience, not as future audience.
To blend in the arts to their ordinary lives, we provide colorful arts experiences to establish cultural value for the youth.
From the beginning, we have been targeting international audiences in global market.
From the creation, production to distribution and performance tours,
all of our works take in mind of international audiences from broad, various backgrounds.
As a result of our efforts, we are continuously being invited from renown performing arts festivals and venues around the world,
also allowing expansions through art markets, and new possible platforms to reach out to the world.


Immersive Musical <ALPI>

A journey to find the Cloud! Every moment is a touching story. Immersive family musical to awaken children’s imagination! “You can do anything in dreams. Try it, too!” Where did the Cloud go? The doors walking toward the child, the weird rabbits, and the scary banna invasion! Along with the angry sound has always been in our ears… What actually happened in our dreams? Through the beautiful music and fantastic videos, We will show you a shining and exciting story!
Immersive Musical <ALPI>

Magic Drawing Family Show <Doodle_POP>

Two curious friends invite you to the exciting world of doodling! With just a black pen, they can draw anything. When they draw a circle, it becomes a soccer ball, a face, or a rolling egg. Suddenly, a little turtle comes out of the egg and steals their hearts before running away. "Where could it have gone?" Following the sound of the waves left by the turtle, the two friends start an adventure towards the sea. Will the mischievous duo be able to find the turtle again during their bumpy first sea journey?
Magic Drawing Family Show <Doodle_POP>

POP-UP Mapping Theatre <POLi_POP>

A crazy one-night trip with naughty Poli and Pola! Poli and Pola that can't sleep, "Shall we have fun secretly?" Imagination trip with various toys, Curiosity-stimulating figure frame play! At this time,the monster 'Mong' suddenly appeared! It takes Poli and Pola to the imaginary world. Will Poli and Pola be able to defeat the monster and return to their rooms safely?
POP-UP Mapping Theatre <POLi_POP>

BRUSH Theatre

B102,103,104, 130, Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Kiljun Lee