BigHouse Entertainment

Company Introduction

BigHouse Entertainment Co.,Ltd is a company specialized in the global documentary field.
In 2023, we have produced our own IP, such as 'Royal Table,' as a global documentary series consisting of 100 episodes.
With our One Source Multi Use strategy, we maximize the value of our content to enhance brand value through in-depth storytelling.

In particular, we offer a 'Royal Table Tour' based on the concept of 'Noble Restaurant,' providing a unique and immersive experience.
Through our global network and partnerships, we aim to further elevate the global presence of Korean K-content,
leading the industry with future innovation and creativity.


Royal Table

King's food around the world and the story behind it. Beautiful location, seasonal ingredients, food prepared with care, and today's invited guests to taste the food. Royal Table tells the story of each country's king's food and history. It is also a global magazine documentary that understands and informs the local culture through the life stories of invited guests. We have secured global original IP and are selling to global platforms through local co-production.
Royal Table

Camping Road

Korean celebrities ride eco-friendly cars abroad and embark on a camping road trip in vast nature. They meet local celebrities waiting for them there, share delicious food and life stories, and complete their journey with music as another work of art. It's a healing journey, Camping Road, that becomes a consolation of nature's gifts and music. With the gift from the sky, we take an endless road trip on eco-friendly cars in the vast nature. The music that we embark on with us makes us all one in the healing world.
Camping Road

BigHouse Entertainment

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