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Company Introduction

“3FRAME creates the special space and stories.”
A new media contents production company consisting of experts from various
fields, including digital theme parks, multimedia shows, application software
development and UX design, animation, and movies. We provide highest-quality
contents through planning based on communication and systematic production system.



‘Difference is another name of specialty.’
“Hello, friends! Welcome to Baba Village, where everyone dreams.
Here, you’ll find bubble clouds and colorful rainbow falls, the first flower-growing garden, twinkling start fishing sites and square forest. Six sheep, baba friends with their unique personalities, learn how to understand and respect each other. What are the Baba friends dreaming of today?”
“Baba Village” is emotional education 3D animation content with warm feelings and good humor that parents would love to watch with their child.


Captured Eternally in the flow of time : Their Most Beautiful Moment.
When Today, tired of the repetitive daily routine, spends her days by meaninglessly and is about to give up everything, Bari, who has been an Imoogi for 3,000 years appears in front of her. “Even though I have accumulated 3,000 years of virtue, I haven’t become a dragon yet. I’ll take you to your parents, so please tell me the reason why...”
The journey of two people searching for Today’s parents begins at the boundary between life and death, known as Woncheongang.
The girl who lives with a hopeless and huge snake-shaped creature called Imoogi, who has accumulated endless hours of practice, gradually become essential to each other.
Will Today and Bari be able to safely reach Woncheongang?
<Goddess of Time, Today> is a new media content exhibition that combines multimedia art with musical elements based on a Korean Jeju folk tale.
The performance is screened every evening at 7PM at Nohyeong Supermarket in Jeju, except for Mondays.


13, Hyoryeong-ro 74-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Dongku Lee